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Oil & pastel
Figure / Portrait
February 13 - 16, 2018
Tuition $725+ $50 model fee

Explore the qualities of composition, value, and color, with an emphasis on the use of contrast, rhythm, and edges. Learn to interpret the subject matter and to enjoy the challenge and spontaneity of alla prima painting. Subjects will include live models. There will be daily demonstrations, a slide presentation, and as much individual instruction as possible.

Using what she descries as a blend of expressionism and impressionism, Anderson paints the human face, landscapes, and horses with equal skill. "What draws me to a certain person is character more than anything," she says. "For a while it was children, but they can be difficult to paint without getting too cute. I try to convey a touch of humanity. I still paint horses, too, because they have such a great form. I like doing winter landscapes because of the abstract quality and Indian dancers because of the color and movement. I bring something different to my portrait work after doing landscapes. Art is all about relationships and perspective."


Born and raised in the Chicago area, Carolyn Anderson attended school at Illinois State University.  She joined the VISTA program (Volunteers in Service to America) in the early 70's and was assigned to work on an Indian reservation in north central Montana and now lives in Havre, a small community near the Canadian border.

Anderson's paintings are full of color and expression.  The focus in her work is often loosely rendered in an almost sketch-like improvisation.  The emphasis is to catch the essence of each subject.  Her subjects vary from dancers to horses to landscapes, but she is primarily known for her portraits.

Anderson has participated in the C. M. Russell Art Auction, one of the Northwest's largest shows, since 1980.  In 1999 and 2000, she was awarded Jurors' Best of Show Awards, along with the 1999 Artist's Choice Award.  As a member of the Western Rendezvous of Art, she also received a Merit Award in 1999.  Her work has been featured in national publications, including American Art and Architecture, Art of the West and Southwest Art magazines.  She is represented by Total Arts Gallery in Taos, NM; Gallery 1261 in Denver, CO; and Simpson Gallagher Gallery in Cody, WY.

You can also see her work on her web site at www.carolynanderson.com.




Oil Painting 
Landscape/Still Lifes
October 16-20, 2018
Tuition $595 

This class is devided into two parts.  The first two days are devoted to still life painting followed by landscape painting for the remaining three days.

You will learn how to create not just a painting, but a piece of art.   You will also learn  how to put soul, power and emotion into your painting to avoid ending up with just a copy of your subject.  Guido will demonstrate how to combine your visual impressions with you inner sensitivity to find your own artistic language, allowing your individual personality to be recognizable in every brushstroke.  You will be encouraged to show excitement and emotions to bring your painting alive.

Don’t be satisfied with something that is just pretty and polished, but instead express yourself in a bold and colorful way, by always allowing your enthusiasm about the beauty of a landscape or a still life setup to surface in your painting. 

Do you want to achieve a convincing result in one session?  Do you want to catch a particular mood in one spontaneous moment?  Set your goal, and Guido will describe and demonstrate to you how to get there.  This is done by learning how to see, by making decisions about composition, color relationships, values, and temperatures quickly and confidently, by concentrating your energy and staying focused on the essential points.  This workshop gives you tools that will enable you to create a thrilling piece of art any time, any place and under any circumstances.  After this class, you will feel encouraged to leave your routine and get inspired to reach for a higher quality in your art.  Learning how to see and how to trust your own judgment, opens up new horizons for your artistic efforts.


Guido Frick is truly an outdoor painter. “It might sound overstated, but I really consider nature as my original studio.”  The German born painter lives half of the year in Europe and travels the other half almost exclusively through America’s western states. He wants to express himself, about places like Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Utah and others.  In the early 1980’s he met with instructor and painter Sergei Bongart, and still considers this encounter as the most influential experience he has had as a painter.  “Sergei truly opened my eyes and showed me the way.”  Throughout the 70’s Guido has studied with Professor Karel Hodr from Progue, a well respected impressionist painter and art teacher throughout Europe.  He has been published in various publications and is always crossing the line between impressionism and expressionism.  His work can be seen at New Masters Gallery-Carmel, CA www.newmastersgallery.com,, Evergreen Fine Art-Evergreen, CO www.evergreenfineart.com , among others.  Also see examples of his work on his website at www.guidofrick.com.




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