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September 11-15, 2017
Tuition $595

If you are a beginner or want to freshen up on the basics of oil painting, this class is for you.  No previous experience necessary.  You will learn the elements of painting: color, color harmony, values, composition design and more.  We will also apply these principles as we paint.  Different techniques will be taught as well as the use of different tools and their effects.  The goal is for the student to understand these elements so they may further enjoy their journey in painting. 

 This class will take out the  unknown or “scary” part out of painting.  Bring photos of your favorite subjects.  Lots of questions are welcome.  This will be an informative and fun painting experience.


A LIFE LONG FAN OF Will Rogers, Phil Bob mused that the cowboy humorist brought him to an interesting artistic insight.  “Art is a visual language and like story telling, the content of the story is simply where your start.  It is how you tell the story that brings the smile, crates the mood, and evokes the emotions.”

 Phil Bob Borman has been a professional sculptor for over 25 years.  His education includes an MFA in Art, several CA (Cowboy Artist) workshops, and studied under  sculptor Mehl Lawson and has studied with various artists including Michael Workman, Karen Vance and George Strickland.  His work is held in many collections throughout the US and Europe.  Phil Bob is represented by Whistle Pik Galleries-Fredericksburg, Tx www.whistlepik.com, Legacy Gallereies - Scottsdale, AZ and Jackson, WY and Lee Fine Art-Ft Worth, Tx  www.leesmallfineart.com




Oil & Pastel 
Portraits in Pastel and Oil
October 1-4, 2017
Tuition $575 + $40 model fee

Expressive Portraits and Figures

Workshop Description

The most successful paintings go beyond mere rendering; they create an emotional response in the viewer. Explore the secrets of masters like Degas, Sargent, and Fechin as you work from the live model

 You will learn how to:

• Achieve high art rather than mere rendering
• Free yourself from the literal
• Create drama
• Maximize Suggestion
• Achieve glowing, realistic skin tone
• Simplify values
• Avoid “unpleasant” detail
• Capture expression

 William will demonstrate in oil and pastel. We will also view a slide show of masterworks that embody these principles.

 Expect your work to become fresher, looser, and more painterly!

“Alone in Warsaw”  Oil


William A. Schneider, OPA, PSA works in oil and pastel.

His skills were honed during eight years at the American Academy of Art’s Saturday Program in Chicago where he studied figure drawing and pastel with William Parks and oil painting with Ted Smuskiewicz.  He continued his education through workshops with masters like Dan Gerhartz, and Richard Schmid. He learned his advanced pastel techniques in studies with Harley Brown.

 William’s paintings have been featured in numerous magazine articles and several books. His work has received awards in exhibitions including those of: Academic Artists, American Impressionist Society, The Degas Pastel Society, Oil Painters of America, Portrait Society of America, and Salon International. In 2012 the Pastel Society of America elected William to the title “Master Pastelist”.





October 5-8, 2017
Tuition $ 495 

The elements in her artwork consist of light, color and focal point.  She likes working with both pastels and oils.  Pastels show immediate results and they stay brilliant, oils allow you to create new colors from existing pigments.

What You Will Learn
Kaye brings years of experience to this workshop.  Demos will occur in the morning and one-on-one instruction will be in the afternoon.  Still-life setups will be available or bring reference photos with you. The main focal point of the class will be light:  how it falls on objects and what happens when it travels across the painting.  Space, color, and form will also be addressed.

This class will consist of both oils and pastels, with demonstrations in both mediums.


Kaye Franklin began her art career in 1975 while living in Pagosa Springs, Colorado. She and her family moved to Graham, Texas in 1979, it was then that she began a serious quest for the best schools and instructors.
Franklin took various workshops and studied  with Connecticut artist William Henry Earle.

 Her pursuit of excellence has won her the deepest respect of her students, peers and serious collectors.
She has received many national awards and honors that have culminated in her recognition as Master Pastelist,  and her election to Signature Membership in the Pastel Society of America and Oil Painters of America.  She is a
Member of the Salmagundi Club, Signature Member of the National Academy of Professional Plein-air Painters and Signature Member of American Women Artists 

She has taught classes and workshops for over 20 years and has been published in numerous national publications.

See www.kfranklinstudio.com  for examples of her work.  





Painting The Figure
October 9-13, 2017
Tuition $1200

This intensive 5 day workshop is design for painters who has already had painting experience but would like to continue improve craftsmanship as well as visual concept. The class will focus on the learning process of painting from life model as well as studio painting, such as design; placement of composition, focus point…students should bring their own photo reference to the class for the studio painting assignment, it will be complete as a final presentation by end of the class. The instructor will be doing demonstrations  during the class, and sharing his thoughts and experience both on life models and studio paintings.


Born in Guangzhou, China, Huihan completed his formal art training at the Guangzhou Academy of Fine Art with a BFA in 1975 and taught there from 1979-1987.  He graduated from the Academy of Art College in San Francisco, with an MFA in 1993.

 Huihan’s art was influenced by the 19th century academic French and Russian schools which were brought to the art schools in China in the 50’s. He highly regards the group of Naturalists who worked in the academic tradition, but portrayed scenes from ordinary life in the late 19th century.  Inspired to travel to different regions of the world, he began painting as a cultural bridge to connect people.  His goal was to share the joyful moments and compassion he experienced in these cultures.

 His paintings can be considered impressionistic realism; a combination of primary field study and reference, focused on compositional arrangement, color design, accurate detail, spontaneous brushstrokes and texture.  In his paintings, he pays close attention to the characteristics of people.  Gesture and atmosphere suggest a deeper meaning.

 Huihan has been included in major national shows and invitational exhibitions.  He paintings have won numerous awards such as “Best of Show” in the Western Rendezvous of Art; “Gold Medal for Best Paiting in the California Art Club’s 92nd Annual Juried Exhibition, among numerous others.

 Huihan has been published in many national art publications and periodicals, too numerous to mention.  His work has been shown in numerous museums and his work is highly sought after by collectors.

 He is a Master Signature Member of the American Impressionist Society, Master Signature Member of the Oil Painters of America and is also a Signature Member of the California Art Club.

 His work is represented by The Sylvan Gallery-Charleston, S.C.; Total Arts Gallery-Taos, N.M.; Trailside Galleries-Scottsdale, Az; among others.  His work can also be seen on his website at www.huihanweizhenart.com.



Landscapes-indoor-limited to 14 students
November 13-16, 2017
Tuition $750

Beautiful black cows full bodied grazing sheep, and  misty, atmospheric days populate many of  the  pastures of Nancy Bush’s sensitive and emotional landscapes.  The scenes depict various atmospheric scenes from around the country and could exist anywhere that is special in your own memories.  Expressively dreamlike, they capture the chill when the sun goes behind a cloud, the  smell of a drizzling rain and the rustle of leaves shivering in the treetops.

“The variety and vastness of the landscape can sometimes be overwhelming, but  I find myself thinking “less is more.””  Early in her career, Bush emphasized the “more” using bright, colorful strokes alla prima.  Several years ago, she shifted to a subdued tonalist palette and a more methodical technique was perfected.  She treasures the “fleeting moments that you get in the early mornings and late evenings.  They convey more of a mood, a feeling, because of the light”.  She achieves a tranquil universality in her paintings by melding her painted field studies and reference photographs back in the studio.  “I want viewers to feel the physicality and emotional essence of the subject, and to find a little peace, serenity, and quiet moments of reflection”.

This class will concentrate on light, water and atmosphere and its play on a painting.  The class will also cover how to achieve luminosity in the painting through layering and through the application of glazes throughout the painting process. 


With a poetic economy of color and detail, Bush, a tonalist, paints low light and close values.  When nature lingers in breathless moments, she is there to capture dusk flirting with the last blush of sunset; moon shadows veiling dimension; or mist hushing the earth.  Studies, notes and photos from painting plein air around the country remind her of the tones, colors, scents and feelings so she can take the entire experience back to her studio and depict the lyrical, the profound peace and beauty in a lonely, exquisite sense.

After successful business career, Nancy Bush threw herself into studying art at a rapid pace.  She attended Mission Renaissance art school in Austin, Texas-a school dedicated to the study of the “Masters”, while also taking  many classes from Laguna Gloria Art Museum School of Art.   She then began taking many workshops throughout the United States. “My early workshop studies were dedicated to colorful landscapes and still life, so many of my instructors were known as colorists.”  Several years later, she felt the need to change her direction after some east coast and European travel. Nancy became very interested in a more subdued tonalist palette and started studying painters from the 19th and 20th centuries such as George Inness, Isaac Levitan, Henry Twachtman, and Russell Chatham.  In the early 90’s she became familiar with the work of Michael Workman and Scott Christensen and began to study with them consistently for several years.

Nancy's work is collected around the country and has been displayed in numerous museum shows around the United States.  She has been published in numerous magazines including  Fine Art Connoisseur Magazine, Western Art & Architecture, Art of the West, American Art Collector, among others.

Her work is represented by several galleries around the country including Astoria Fine Art-Jackson, WY; Insight Gallery-Fredericksburg, TX;  Jack Meier Gallery-Houston, TX;  Principle Gallery-Charleston, S.C.

  See more examples of her work on her own web site at www.nancybush.com.





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